Wednesday, October 22



I feel a rant coming on.

Up until now, when discussing sexism in the workplace, I would honestly state that I had never seen anything overt first hand, although I heard stories.

I've observed blatant favoritism, but, have honestly been the favorite a plurality of times, perhaps prohibiting me from analyzing the concept objectively.

I recently witnessed something that I wish I could have labeled as favoritism. That would have made me more comfortable. But, really, the only conclusion I can reach with the facts I've accumulated is sexism. What must one think, what can one say when all the boys are invited and none of the chicks are? [And, no, I’m not one of the women. This really doesn’t impact me directly.] Especially when a few of those men are subordinates of the women? I said, "That's really fucking blatant!" But, I said that to very few people. And, I said it privately, in hushed tones, as to avoid conflict.

I feel offended and deflated.