Monday, September 1



Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K gentle readers. Actually, a more apropos phrasing might be there’s some shit goin’ on that could, if improperly attended, fuck us all up. I feel entirely underinformed about a lot of this . . . .

First up, nanotech:

Although the NSA can only cough up $ 2 MM for studying nanotech's social, cultural, and economic implications will be, our government can apparently shell out quite a bit more for defense research including $ 50 MM to MIT to, among other things, aid in the launch of The Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies. In related news, a nanotech cabal meets in Chicago this December to determine what you might buy.

Next, we have cyborg research:

Kevin Warwick is becoming a cyborg.
Imagine a world where people make lunch plans via telepathy, acquire genius-level mathematical skills in an instant, and learn to golf by downloading the neural impulses of Tiger Woods.

For Warwick's experiment, a neurosurgeon fired a 100-electrode pin implant that looked like "a tiny hairbrush," said Warwick, into the medial nerve of his arm. A research team then linked his nervous system to a computer via the implant, and that's where the fun began.

From a laboratory at Columbia University in New York, Warwick moved a mechanical hand in England by thinking about it and moving his own fingers. As if it were his own hand pressing down, he also felt the surface tension experienced by the mechanical hand thousands of miles away.

"That effectively meant my body was 5,000 miles long," he said.
Next, biotech:

Genetic engineers at Dartmouth have used yeast to produce a complex human glycoprotein.

Next up, computing:

Scripps Research Institute scientists are working with bio-chips to build new breeds of computers.

And finally, teleportation:

According to Wired, practical applications for teleportation, though not exactly the type seen in Star Trek, could be less than a generation away.

Strange times indeed . . . .