Thursday, September 4

Football Weather

[Football Weather]

It's chilly out. It's football weather. Just cool enough to want a sweatshirt and some hot cocoa. And along with the weather comes the sport. I just made my football picks for the week. Then, I called Aaron to check my logic. He was proud. I haven’t been keeping up much [enough to know that Joey Porter was shot in the ass, but that story was hard to miss].

Okay, here they are in order of confidence:
  • The STEELERS over the Ravens

  • The SEAHAWKS over the Saints

  • The LIONS over the Cardinals

  • The Broncos over the BENGALS

  • The TITANS over the Raiders

  • The Rams over the GIANTS

  • The BROWNS over the Colts

  • The DOLPHINS over the Texans

  • The BILLS over the Patriots

  • The PANTHERS over the Jaguars

  • The Buccaneers over the EAGLES

  • The CHIEFS over the Chargers

  • The COWBOYS over the Falcons

  • The Bears over the 49ERS

  • The Vikings over the PACKERS

  • The Jets over the REDSKINS
Yup, I took the Steelers even though Porter's got a bum bum.

Ah, there’s no sound like the sound of large men smashing into one another .  .  .  .  off I go to watch the game.