Wednesday, September 24



Eventually, one's horoscope has to be right, I mean it would be equally unlikely that it could be wrong every day as it would that it would be right every day. Today, I think I’ll believe it:
Spiritual breakthroughs may have you feeling a little disconcerted, dear Coco. The clearing away of deadwood, such as traumas from the long past, might tell you a few things about yourself you'd rather not face. Nonetheless, it's vital to release these hang-ups for one to progress as a human being. Bear in mind that even if tears are involved, this is a positive development. You'll feel freer and happier once it's all set free. Onward and upward!

That being said, you may want to stay at home this evening: a conference of some kind could touch upon some pretty volatile issues, and the people present could disagree to the point that the meeting turns into a shouting match. You probably have strong opinions on this, as well, but don't get involved. You won't be able to stop the argument, and it can only stress you out. In fact, if you can, it might be advisable to avoid this meeting altogether. Think about it!
Yeah. I think I'm staying home this evening. Bubble bath. Order in. Work on clearing away my spiritual deadwood and perhaps, paint my toenails.