Tuesday, September 16

Allocation of Funds

[Allocation of Funds]

There's no cash in the work coffers for any more external training this year, so if I want to attend anything, I can most likely get the time off, but would have to pay for it myself.

There's a course that I wanted to attend, and now I'm wondering whether I can justify spending my own money on it. Edward Tufte is giving a one-day course on Presenting Data and Information. It would be $ 320, and I'd get his books Visual Explanations, Envisioning Information, and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information as part of the class materials.

Is it worth it? I mean, I've probably spent more at Sephora, Ulta, and Walgreens in the past month.

Or should I just buy the books from Amazon for $ 133? I could even hunt for them used . . . .

I could take it on September 30th, October 1st, or October 2nd. But, I have to decide soon . . . .