Sunday, August 3

More Professionals

[More Professionals]

Simeon just picked up my laundry. He works for Lemon Scents. All of my laundry, in four bulky, heavy, unweildy laundry bags, was taken away down four flights of stairs to be laundered, folded, and brought back up four flights of stairs tomorrow evening for a mere $1.25 per pound. They even take press laundry and dry cleaning on the same schedule. This is very convenient considerning there isn't a washer or dryer in my building. And, actually, necessary, considering I've neither purchased laundry accoutrements nor owned an iron for years. I gave them specific instructions:
  • white bag: wash warm with fabric softener, perma-press dry
  • pink bag: wash warm with fabric softener, perma-press dry
  • black bag: wash cold with fabric softener, perma press dry
  • teal bag: wash hot without fabric softener, high heat dry
If this works well [. . . . and if my fuse-blowing issues are resolved . . . . and if I get the locks reinforced . . . .] I may be able to prosper in my new apartment.