Tuesday, August 19

It's Official

[It's Official]

Although I realize that lawyers serve in more complicated and difficult ways for many, I tend to require them as tour guides through the red tape of the system. Lucky, I guess. Today's tour guide was more than sufficient for the task.

My name has been changed. I am now Crystal She-who-must-be-worshiped.

Okay, that's not true, but it would have been fun wouldn't it? [Think: "She-who-must-be-worshiped, party of four, your table is ready!"] I've actually gone back to my maiden surname. And I've changed my middle name to Joseph. I think it may be a while before I could sign my name without thinking about it. Actually, I signed my name wrong today twice. Those who had to reprint were patient, but it was weird. And I had to concentrate. Don't ask me to do it tipsy.