Wednesday, August 20



There are things would like to do but never seem to get around to doing. Actually, there are thousands of things. Here are the ones that crossed my mind today:
  • sort through all the paperwork that [mostly, I'm sure, unnecessarily] moved with me

  • study Huna

  • update the right column of this blog

  • thoroughly read up on the continuing Texas gerrymandering debacle, and the intentions in Ohio to try the same thing
    From the NY Times article on Texas:

    Justice Department officials have issued a report documenting an attempt by Mr. DeLay, the House majority leader, to abuse the machinery of homeland security by using it to track and arrest the Democrats. They wisely rejected demands from Mr. DeLay's aides for rawly partisan muscle from Washington as "wacko," but that does not make the efforts of the staff less outrageous.

    [for NY Times articles you may use ID=bulleproofbra and password=crystal
  • go to Burning Man

  • organize my recipes

  • study Kaballah
Ah, well. I'll get around to some of it eventually. Right now, I intend to blame my inertia on the heat.