Tuesday, August 19

Finally Home

[Finally Home]

And exhausted . . . . it might be because of the events of the day, it might be because my terrifically poor diet of late, it might be because I keep forgetting to take my vitamins, it might be because I slept fitfully last night [truly bizzzzzzzzzare dreams of being in Hawaii over Christmas with a lover who wanted to talk about snow]. Regardless, I shan't say that my exhaustion is in any way related to the shoes I chose to wear on such a hectic day.

Anyway, there are things I'd like to comment upon thoroughly, but I'm too tired and lazy. So it shall be short blips for now:
  • It's really been a wormy week.

  • Mars will not kill you.

  • Lake Vostok might kill all of us with some super-oxygenated mutant microbes. If not, we'll likely kill it.

  • When I thought of shopping for a bikini I wasn't thinking of this, but must admit it is interesting.

  • When prompted to consider GQ magazine, I can't ever say that I was frightened. . . . until now.

  • From Lessig: Public Knowledge, Creative Commons, and The Center for the Public Domain have launched a call for stories about the public domain.
    Your stories are important because American copyright, trademark and patent law, grounded in Article I of the Constitution, are designed to promote individual creativity and innovation: we need to make sure they're functioning in this way.

    Unfortunately, the recent expansion of intellectual property laws has had the opposite effect. New laws are discouraging creativity and innovation rather than encouraging it, and stifling other important values such as freedom of speech. Longer copyright terms, the end of copyright registration requirements, stronger trademark laws and the expansion of patent eligibility are some of the changes that have spurred this trend.
  • Because I no longer have enough toilet paper to play the Toilet Roll Game I know it is time to shop for more.
Time for bed.