Thursday, August 21

Dreams of Snow

[Dreams of Snow]

I had another odd dream last night. The same lover, the same urgent want to talk about snow, this time we were in a vague hot outdoor environment.

What does the snow mean? What do these dreams indicate?

I do not know . . . . .

I rarely remember my dreams. And, when I do, I tend to consider them, if only briefly. But, if some image or plotline appears more than once, I begin wondering whether my subconscious is trying to reveal something.

I begin wondering whether God is answering my questions and I am too obtuse to understand the answers.

Is someone trying to communicate something to me that I’m missing entirely? Have I changed the subject or the atmosphere so violently that such communication was impossible?

Is this actually about snow, and my general preference for cold over hot weather?

Am I then associating that lover with a general preference in the weather continuum?

I do not know . . . . .

Enough for now. Back to work. Time to get a burrito.