Friday, July 25

Move Update

[Move Update]

I am in the shopping phase of my move. The way to force myself to get new furniture was to create a crisis by getting rid of the old furniture before/during the move. [I shudder to think of how much more traumatic the move might have been had I not done that!]

So far, I've gotten the mattress and box springs. I'll be getting some organizational supplies, curtains, linens and various tchotchkes this weekend. Next weekend is shelving and storage and side tables. The following weekend is couch and rugs. At some point, I'll also need to get the table and chairs for the kitchen, but honestly, those aren't as high on my list.

[NOTE: I shan't be updating frequently for the next several days. I'd taken off four days from work for the move, things are a little harried at the office and it's recommended I keep my nose to the grindstone for a bit. And, at home, I have no access. Although I have moved, my cable service hasn't. And, they won't be able to connect it in my new apartment for another week. I shall attempt to refrain from whining about this.]