Tuesday, July 8

In honor of Wireless Etiquette Month

[In honor of Wireless Etiquette Month]

I shall ask all of you . . . . have I been rude? I turn my phone off [or at least, turn the ringer off] in restaurants and movies. I usually leave the ringer off when visiting friends, and when I don't I usually tell them I won't and why [I'm expecting my mama to call, Keely's out with a couple of rowdy ex-bouncers, etc.] beforehand. Apparently, though, there are other issues. People are peeved at our talking in the grocery store. But, I'm usually not very loud [no reminder of the drunken call, J] and everyone else is talking there anyway.

So, again, I ask . . . . have I been rude to any of you directly? Have I been any more rude to random passers by with my wireless phone than I would have been without it? Am I rude in general? Do you secretly wish to cause harm to my phone? Are you sure you like me at all? Is the phone just an excuse for your growing disenchantment? Okay, okay, I'll admit it. There are a few cab drivers that have heard a little more than they should have heard. But, how, I ask, how would they remember? I mean this is a big city, and I couldn't have been the most striking fare of any day even after he heard me talking about . . . . okay, maybe a few might have remembered.

[Thanks to Keely for the info, I'm not sure I would have noticed. The whole awareness month thing kinda gets to me.]