Monday, July 7

Heat Rant

[Heat Rant]

It was so fucking hot today . . . . it wasn't possible take in sufficient liquids to make up for the sweat. And, I was stuck in the apartment [one small over-worked window AC unit just doesn't cut it] all day: from 8am to noon for the cable guy [internet access has been out for almost two weeks] and from 11am to 5pm for the gas meter reader. I had intended it to be a work-from-home day, and even brought sufficient work home to do, but wasn't able to function appropriately. I'll take it as a vacation day. I don't need the guilt I'd have from claiming otherwise.

I was out of smokes this morning, so of course, I left a note for the cable guy saying that I'd be back in 5 minutes. Nope, he didn't show while I was gone. I got stuck in a thunderstorm while I was gone. In a white tank top. Of course, the rain lasted only while I was out and didn't do much to cool things off.

The cable guy got here just before noon, and I was on the porch dismantling a piece of furniture with a rubber mallet. I found this activity therapeutic, even in the heat. I lead him inside, and he tells me he thinks he already knows what's wrong. He then hears that the TV is on, and says, "isn't the cable out too?" I tell him that it hasn't been. So, after testing my modem, he looks through the wiring in the apartment and figures out that there are separate feeds for the TV and internet. Then, he tells me that the reason my access has been out is because one of their auditors must have cut the cable assuming it was an illegal feed. Apparently, because the TV and internet were arranged at different times [there wasn't cable internet access available in this area when I first moved in] the second installer routed an entirely new cable. And, because there were two cables running into my building, and there was only one subscriber, the auditors unceremoniously cut it. According to dude, they don't always note when they've done this. I'm still peeved about that. Now, it all runs from one cable, so I guess I'll lose the TV too the next time the auditors make a round.

I really wanted to take a shower after the rain incident, but I needed to wait for the meter reader. He never showed.

I've taken two showers since. And I think I'll take another one now, perhaps while guzzling some chardonnay over ice out of a plastic cup. Don't laugh until you've tried it.