Tuesday, July 8

Adds to Ads

[Adds to Ads]

I was on the way home this evening after having a cocktail with Keely. I was at the westbound bus shelter just west of Wacker on Madison. The ad on the inside of the shelter was the print version of this Venus Passion Pink Razor ad where four chicks in pink swimsuits are riding in a convertible. I noticed that there were small white stickers on each of the chicks. Here's what they said, clockwise from the top left:
  • Low-potential/high achiever.
  • Takes money for oral sex "Because it's not really sex".
  • Brushes three times a day. Never flosses.
  • Puts cheap liquor into empty Chivas bottles.
I thought it was pretty funny even though I own three Venus razors: the original, the crystal clear and the passion pink.