Tuesday, July 29



Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. You can't use bulletproof_bra2003@yahoo.com because I've lost the password.

Actually, I must have used something that I never use, because I've guessed so many times the account has been locked. I also messed up on the "What's the name of your pet?" question, which is very odd. I usually use the same pet name.

Soooooooo, if you sent me anything at bulletproof_bra2003@yahoo.com I did not receive it, and I cannot retrieve it. If you'd like to resend or contact me in the next few days you may use helloduckykitty (AT) yahoo.com or my work address.

I did have a long conversation with Comcast Customer Service yesterday. It seems that I've definitely lost all of my emails and my address book. I'm unsure whether I'll even get any of my email IDs back from Comcast, and they cannot guarantee that I shall. Testy. I'm a little testy. And being at work, I can't even scream [too loudly] or get liquored up [too obviously].