Sunday, June 22

Summer Has Arrived

[Summer Has Arrived]

Friends are crawling out of their cocoons and wrestling with their wants. Change. Fix. Move. Reorder. Try something different. Get feedback. Rinse and repeat. It’s as fun to watch as it is to do it yourself.

Wonderful. I feel wonderful.

I'm wondering whether it's partly weather related. [I know it's not entirely weather related.] Keely has been saying, "I am a flower, I need sunlight to grow!" I have adopted and abused this phrase. I too have been enjoying the sunshine. I have also been enjoying the city sounds, iced coffee, the feel of a light film of earned sweat, open windows, the hum of the not-really-needed air conditioner during a nap, miniskirts and sandals, bloody marys at brunch. Marvelous.

Marginally related:
If you ever plan a solstice celebration, you should check the band's rider carefully: some pagan bands may require a quiet fornicatorium. I do not know whether I, for general daily use, require a fornicatorium, nor what is entailed in the creation or maintenance of a fornicatorium, but I find the concept intriguing. It would make an apartment tour interesting. Here’s the kitchen, the bathroom is over there, this is the living room, and through that curtain is the bedroom to the right, and the fornicatorium to the left.

Fun word. Perhaps I just like saying it. Feel the way it makes your mouth move. For·ni·ca·tor·i·um. Almost as much fun to say as annihilate. An·ni·hi·late. It was un·ne·ces·sar·y to an·ni·hil·ate the for·ni·ca·tor·i·um.