Wednesday, June 4

Psychic Trauma

[Psychic Trauma]

Check out The Unh! Project. Tom's index of noises used in comic books provides the best definition for Aargh! This noise is apparently made when one is experiencing psychic trauma. As anyone who's heard me make it could attest, this is certainly what was happening to me each time I screamed, muttered, or whispered aargh!

It is precisely the noise I made when I, yesterday, saw the first ladybug of the spring. He was in my salad. I was certain that he did not belong in the salad which was purchased at Corner Bakery. [Had I been to a trendier fusion-esque establishment, I might have asked Jen if she thought he belonged in my salad.] I found his presence distressing.

This is also the noise I made when a guy waiting for the elevator this morning told someone at the other end of his mobile phone conversation, "Dude, I'm not 23 anymore . . . . It's gonna take a fuck lot more than a blowjob and a barbecue to get my ass out to the fucking burbs." I found his presence distressing as well . . . . I could not understand why anyone would have blown him for any reason.