Sunday, June 8

Monkeypox & Senegambian Confederate Rats

[Monkeypox & Senegambian Confederate Rats]

According to the CDC, monkeypox is being spread by giant gambian rats and prarie dogs in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois. There are 19 cases thus far.
Human monkeypox is a rare, zoonotic, viral disease that occurs primarily in the rain forest countries of Central and West Africa. It is a member of the orthopox family of viruses. In humans, infection with monkeypox virus results in a rash illness similar to but less infectious than smallpox. Monkeypox in humans is not usually fatal. The incubation period is about 12 days. Animal species susceptible to monkeypox virus may include non-human primates, rabbits, and some rodents.
The article doesn't address the some important issues:

Does monkeypox have anything to do with monkeys? If so, are there groups of monkeys with anti-American tendencies? Wasn't that the name of a band? And, don't we have enough rats . . . . why must we import giant ones from Gambia? When Senegal and Gambia were the Confederation of Senegambia, would we have called these rats Senegambian Confederate Rats? How do we know that they aren't from Senegal? And, wasn't that whole area Mali at one point? And, who are these people who think that prarie dogs would make good pets?

But, seriously . . . . According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the "case fatality rate among [monkeypox] patients not vaccinated against smallpox was 11 percent" in combined data from recent large outbeaks. If 19 people have monkeypox, and if monkeypox is spread through physical contact, and if the mortality rate is that high, and if I'm in Chicago, shouldn't this have been on the local news?