Wednesday, June 11

But, was it fun?

[But, was it fun?]

I got an email from Keely late this morning:
Subject: and how ARE we this morning?

Did you make it into work or did you take today off? I made it in . . . . but I'm not happy about it. Granted I'm usually never that happy about it, but today I'm not happy on several levels. You understand.
Indeed, I do understand. I've had days recently when I too have been not happy on several levels.

I actually am doing relatively well considering my week thus far . . . . Monday night I touched base with an old friend and made it home too late for my preferred amount of sleep, and too trashed to get real sleep regardless.

Then, last night, Keely and I went to The Redhead's 10th Anniversary Party. It was surreal: food, open bar, ice sculptures. And, it was normal: reliable staff, skeevy men invading personal space while spouting uninteresting or disturbing stories, cigar smoke, aging coke whores covering as much skin with body makeup as with clothing, twentysomethings who seem to be trying the sophisticated bar thing (and invading the space of the long jaded) seemingly unaware that they are on the path of becoming next generation of the long jaded themselves.

The most exciting part of the evening? I had several marvelous manhattans made with Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and sour Michigan cherries. Yum.