Friday, June 27

Busy Girl

[Busy Girl]

  • Monday night, I worked late knowing that I’d be attempting to sneak out early the rest of the week.

  • Tuesday night, I went over to Keely’s to help her pack for the big move. We managed to pack the kitchen, the bathroom, half the books, and half the clothes in one evening. Part of the duties of a maid of honor are making things go away when the bride decides she’d rather remain single. I am, thus far, proving adequate to the task I, amazingly, made it to work on time on Wednesday.

  • Wednesday night, Jeremy and I went to see Finding Nemo — really amusing — and then to Cafè Bolero to order food and drink sangria. I astonishingly, made it to work on time on Thursday.

  • Thursday night, I should have gone directly to Fields to purchase the dress and the present for a wedding that is tonight, but instead, I was convinced it would be better to start at Big Herm’s with a bucket o’Corona. Sigh. I didn’t make it to Fields until after seven o’clock, and they close at eight. I got the present, but not the dress. I tried on dozens of dresses. If they looked flattering at all, I looked like a trollop — obviously inappropriate for the function. Abashed, I left Fields and headed directly to Little Joe’s for several glasses of merlot. By the grace of God, I not only made it to work on time, but before getting to work I went shopping for a dress. I bought one, but, after seeing it under the invluence of coffee, I’m not too sure about it.

  • Last night, in the middle of the night, I had a dream where I was a Stripperella sidekick, Office Betty, and I went around the city using fly ninja moves to decapitate all those friggin’ MLB Bobble Heads.

  • Tonight is the wedding.

  • Tomorrow is Keely’s Big Move.

  • Sunday is the Pride Parade.

  • Monday, should I survive this weekend, I’ll be back to my normal intermittent and erratic posting schedule.