Saturday, June 14



Mercury News | It's a spellchecker to stop `bullwords'
The people blamed for incentivizing companies to build mindshare, repurpose and utilize change agents have taken aim at their own lingo. . . .

The free software, which works like a spell-checking program to spot forbidden words and phrases in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, is available on the Deloitte Consulting Web site. . . .

The software itself was relatively straightforward. The firm next held a contest to build a dictionary of forbidden words and phrases, or ``bullwords.'' The winner of the Deloitte contest received a trip to the California Academy of Tauromaquia — otherwise known as bullfighting school.

``We got over 10,000 submissions,'' Hardaway said. ``Some of the most hated were `leverage,' `bandwidth,' `touch base,' `incentivize,' `inoculate,' `bleeding edge,' `robust,' `synergize' and `envisioneer.' ''
Interesting. Jargon — any group's jargon — is intrinsic to its exclusivity maintenance system: style of dress, type of speech, topic-base . . . . all inter-tribe identification practices.