Thursday, June 12

Bad Bad Girl

[Bad Bad Girl]
  • I've consumed more carbs in the past week than I had in the previous four combined.

  • There are a pair of brown high-heeled sandals, a pair of gold high-heeled sandals, and at least three pairs of black high-heeled sandals in the kitchen.

  • I've been wearing clothes out of the donation pile again.

  • I was hitting on the copier sales boy, and was slightly miffed that I didn't make him more uncomfortable. I want to feel guilty about my desire to make him uncomfortable, but I am unable to force this feeling. I shall endeavor to no longer blindside those with no hope of escape.

  • I am not a pragmatist. I just half-heartedly want to be a pragmatist, because I think the world desperately needs more pragmatists to work out its ills.

  • After another eight-month stint of religiously applying SPF-30, I've been hitting the tanning bed again.

  • There are at least four open packs of cigarettes in the apartment. I look for one, can't find one, and open another one.

  • I've added more books to my current reading list without finishing any of the ones already there, and abandoning one completely [Bear's Vitals wasn't doin' it for me].
No, I don't expect absolution from you, gentle reader. I'm just indulging in the type of ritualistic self-effacement that recently led me to be labeled a narcissist. Alas, we are what we are.