Sunday, May 4

Tinfoil hat for your computer


Through a convoluted string of links, I happened across MindGuard which offers "psychotronic mind-control protection" for Amiga and Linux users.

Apparently users of more pedestrian systems cannot be protected:
Many popular operating system platforms -- most notably Windows and Macintosh -- are in fact created by agents of mind control. As such, these platforms tend to include subsystems that not only produce mind control, but also defeat anti-psychotronic software such as MindGuard.
Well, uh, I, well, hmmmmmmmm. I was not aware that my mind was being controlled. I'm wondering . . . . in what manner? And what "agents" have been using my mind?

I promise to use this quite sparingly an excuse for irrational or inappropriate behavior.

On a related note, It is apparently helpful to be protected by the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie regardless of whether one is in front of one's computer.