Wednesday, May 21

Logos for our Political Landscape

[Logos for our Political Landscape]

The finalists are truly sad in this [yes, unsanctioned] contest to design a logo for the Department of Homeland Security. There are a few notable non-finalists.
  • entry #18 crafted an image that is correct but not politcally so
  • entry # 23 at least tried to make a point
On a related and serious note, If you've not taken the time to research it, you might want to take a look at the financial estimates in Bush's Homeland Security plan. I find it interesting that only $ 700,000,000 out of roughly $ 15,430,000,000 has been alocated to "improve intelligence-gathering and information-sharing." Of course, that's in addition to all of the funding in all of the various other [who can count them?] departments that has already been allocated to intelligence gathering and information-sharing.