Friday, May 2

Little Black Books

[Little Black Books]

Having recently purchased an iPAQ, and having only marginally less recently mislaid or damaged a few address books, and having never recovered from losing the PalmV that was stolen a year ago, I put out a request to a few friends about contact information.

I requested, along with the usual data, anything else they'd think I'd like to have in a fully loaded address book

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Vague, I suppose.

The responses? well, some of the responses have been amusing . . . . .

"Don't use the old address. It's filled with pr0n."
I'm assuming this meant email, but, who knows?

"A way to stop the abyss in the apartment from swallowing you."
Hmmmmmm. If I had that, well, I suppose an address book would be a place to store it.

"You should use PIM software like Outlook or Lotus Notes. Did you know that Outlook supports most formats of paper-based planner paper? Great for keeping your information organized. Just write changes in by hand and reprint pages as needed.

Of course, PDA's are getting cheap now. I recommend the Toshiba e730 Pocket PC - or the HP iPAQ (which is very slim, rugged, and ladylike). People who buy Palm OS PDA's are getting ripped off."
I just got the iPAQ. And, now, my choice has been validated. Mark, you are still the answer man. And how can I not be attracted to something slim, rugged, and ladylike?

"bra size: 34D (yowza !!!!!!)"
Perhaps I should start a petition to iPAQ for that to be added as a special field. There would undoubtedly be many others who would find this useful.

"Address books must always be little black books."
For whom? And according to what definition? I don't know if this means that they should be small and black or that they should be . . . . . well, you know.