Thursday, May 15

Babbling Meaninglessly

[Babbling Meaninglessly]

Apparently, 46 people can speak in their native tongue, and to every other human, each of them would appear to be babbling meaninglessly.
Alarm raised on world's disappearing languages -- Steve Connor, Science Editor, Independent UK -- 15 May 2003
. . . Linguists estimate that there are 6,809 "living" languages in the world today, but 90 per cent of them are spoken by fewer than 100,000 people, and some languages are even rarer -- 46 are known to have just one native speaker. "There are 357 languages with under 50 speakers. Rare languages are more likely to show evidence of decline than commoner ones," Professor Sutherland said.
Sadly, my own meaningless babble does not qualify as a language. I wallow in a pool of chagrin.