Tuesday, April 29

More Pseudo-Sports

[More Pseudo-Sports]

After reading of my interest in the East Coast National Championship Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, Jeremy thought I'd be amused by Red Bull's Chicago Flugtag in early August.

He was most correct.

I am especially amused by this section of the rules:

1) Distance - Obviously, the farther the better. The launch pad is a flat (non-inclined) smooth runway about 80' in length. But a word to the wise, if you fly too far away, the judges won’t be able to see you to judge the other two criteria. It’s a combined score that wins. So plan on getting wet in front of everybody. Don’t worry. We’ll be laughing with you. Not at you.

2) Creativity - It’s not enough that it flies. Actually it’s not even required that you fly at all. A dramatic stone-like path into the water can lead you to victory if your craft is outrageous enough. Bells, whistles and the audacity of building something that both physics and common sense tells you can’t fly, that is what we’re looking for.

3) Showmanship - Think James Brown with a cape draped over him being helped off the stage, yet turning back for more. Think Kiss Rocks Detroit in ’77. And whatever you think of, make sure we can’t forget your launch routine . . . . . As a wise man once said, "It’s not whether they love you or hate you, it’s whether they remember your name."